Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Red Eye


I had one of the most interesting reference questions today. A man came in asking me how he could contact a African Tribal Exorcist. Now I have to admit this perked my interest, but being one for patron privacy I didn't ask any unnecessary questions, but while I worked with the patron the story unfolded and with his permission I am able to share it with you my readers.

He had been suffering from a severe case of hemroids for six months and after trying to cure the pains with medicine, homeopathic methods and even surgery found no relief. The stress and doubt brought on by the constant pain, itching, and bleeding resulted in a messy divorce with his wife. He sadly admitted to me that he had hoped the pain would end after she left.

For those that would like to use this in a medical study he provided a picture of the actual hemroid.

More desperate than ever he began to talk to the fringe members of society. A psychic was able to come to his home and discovered that he was in fact being possessed by an 18th Century Sodomite that was repeatedly raping him from the inside out. He learned from another reference librarian and the psychic the identity of sodomite.

Of course the initial reaction was bad but once he came to grips with the cause, he was excited to find a cure. He was sent to talk to a tarot card reader he found out that he had to travel to Africa and have a tribal exorcism. It was the only cure. During my research I discovered an article from the New York Times, that discussed a Kenyan Lawyer's experience with a tribal exorcist and with my personal network was able to find out the location of the tribe.

After reaching Africa he was able to expel the spirit, to respect the religious experince I am unable to post the full experience in Africa, but let me just say they know how to exerist a spirit in Africa.

I hope this story was able to educate as well as expand your experiences and know that you've been warned...