Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alien Technology or Magic?

Chris Angel and David Blaine are not your normal magicians.

Today while working at the library I listened in on a conversation between an old man (researching online on how to buy a used plane, so that he could stay in motion above the earth at all times to avoid being controlled by the government. Think WaterWorld but in the air. AirWorld.) and a young women as they had a common interest, exposing magicians for the frauds that they are. The older man’s focus is on Chris Angel. The young women’s focus is David Blaine. They have both found proof that the two magicians are not actually magical but are rather using alien technology to perform their “magical” feats.

I found with a little lo-fi technology you can uncover the truth. What you will need is an old VCR. Record either one as they perform their magic on TV under the SP option, so that the VCR records more frames per second. You can then watch the taped trick under slow speed and see for yourself the uncanny alien science behind the magic.

If you are lucky enough to record Chris Angel’s levitation when you watch it back in slow motion you will see a green blur that last for only a few seconds before he levitates. This is the alien technology or science. Chris has learned to use this to lighten his body mass to that of a feather. He can hover for a few seconds before coming down to the ground. The green blur or gas is the body weight burn off.

When you watch David Blaine in his water bubble trick in the slowed down recording you can see a disturbance on either side of his neck. This is the alien science at work allowing David Blaine, to absorb oxygen from the water through his neck and into his lungs.

I do not know how they have learned the alien technology to complete these tricks but you have to wonder did they steal them or were they given to them? These are the real questions and the true conspiracy, but as of yet I do not know the answers. To be on the safe side of the invasion I wouldn't align myself to either man.

You've been warned...

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Anonymous said...

i suc at typing but give this a quck read

actually these guys are not using technology, thats contridictory to technology itself. let me explain: technology is made by these very same people who are accused of these abilities.

Nicola Tesla was an Scientist just like David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, Cris Angel, Even the Magician Named Black Herman an African American.

truth is the shadow govt has control over the Third Eye. humans are put to sleep and turned into economic slaves, while ppl like them are given the priveledge of not taking harmful vaccines and being put to sleep!

all our technology period comes from ppl who use this 6th senths, but whats strikingly dangerous about it, is these people are restricted only able to use limited ability. and restricted from using it themselves to gain freedom from the system, so in turn they are under strict survelience and control just as the rest of us.

Nicola Tesla was killed so were the Wright Bros. for trying to use their 6th senth's to make technology to escape this oppression from the shadow govt,
This is why Jfk, Malcolm x, and many other Leaders where killed Bcuz they discovered we are under oppression from a group of Rogue caucasian ppl who use the rest of the population as expendable material, and experiments in this game we call life.

so to help you see a different light, WE all have the abilities hidden with in us we are just restricted from using them.

if we all had our freedom money would not exist, there would be no use for technology, nor jobs all this backwards way of living is insane we think we are advanced bcuz we have a bunch of info stored in our brains but smarts have nothing to do with "ability" Steven Hawking can atest To that he wrether be a dumb able bodied human vs the hadicaped brainiac that he is today.

you can take the brightest human beings availaible toss them in the rain forest with no tools and watch how they die. turn their third eye on and watch a civilization pop up out of thin in my opinion its Magic bcuz magic makes technology and God is Magic, both are unexplainable but they exist