Wednesday, August 15, 2007

La Surge of Power

While looking for the best way to weave a Navaho corn basket for a patron, I stumbled upon an interesting file in our special collections vault. Evidence that the French Government is in league with Aliens.

It all starts with the power surge. Every power surge is actually interferences from UFOs either entering or exiting our atmosphere.

To understand why the French Government would be in alliance with Aliens is a more complex story to tell:

It all begins with James Prescott Joule, you see it is Joule, who with his new theories destroyed the reputation of one of Frances most brilliant minds; Antoine Lavoisier. Joule disproved his caloric theory. The French were shamed and we all know how snotty the French can be.

Earlier this year we found out that the French Government has had a large file on UFO sightings that until recently they’ve held secret. They got wind of the leaked information that I came across and they thought by releasing a small percentage of the information I would let up, but this Librarian knows the truth. Not only does the French Government have a file on UFOs but they have made certain agreements with the Aliens that when they launch their first wave France will be spared from once again being the invading armies’ biatch.

Who could blame them, since Napoleon they haven’t seen any real military success. Why wouldn’t they try and suck up to the next Alien-Hitler. No we shouldn’t blame the French cowards all they know is pastries, throaty laughs and pompous dance steps. But now that the secrets out what can they do? Will they stand by and allow the rest of mankind to be enslaved?

Will they continue to try and lead us to believe that power surges are voltage spikes and not in fact the result of an alien technology entering and exiting our planet?

You’ve been warned…


The.Effing.Librarian said...

oh, there are 2 of you... I didn't think it was possible for one person to be that insane. keep up the good work.

D.Y.D. said...

Thank you "Samuel L. Jackson Librarian" for the kind words. There are indeed two of the three genders represented as writers on this blog.

Katherine O'Brien-Smith said...

The third gender of course being the famously genderless "gray" aliens that have been covertly living among us incognito since the Roswell crash in 1947.