Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wi-Fi at the Library

Wi-Fi became common knowledge in 1997, but I am here to expose the fact that Wi-Fi has been around a lot longer than that. The truth of the matter is Tony Bullimore and Gerry Roufs had been keeping this technology under wraps for a much longer time frame. Why they had this secret agenda is still unknown, but what we do know is how Wi-Fi came to light. In fact it’s because of this that Bullimore and Dubois went missing mysteriously in January 1997 during the Vendée Globe. We have proof that in fact it was the Royal Australian Navy who found out that Mr. Bullimore was responsible for the cover up and attacked his yacht and held him captive for a total of five days until he finally agreed to allow Wi-Fi to the general public. Sadly Roufs didn’t survive the encounter and the R.A.N. was able to make his death appear to be part of an accident during the yacht race.

Now everyone would like you to think that Wi-Fi is a safe form of technology to use and here to make your lives more convenient. The truth of the matter is far darker, while working at an unnamed library which offers free Wi-Fi, I discovered an alarming cover up. You see some people can access Wi-Fi with no troubles at all and visit their cyber sites with ease while other people can’t seem to log on to Wi-Fi and when they do, they navigate slowly and some sites work while others don’t. After some digging I uncovered an alarming fact: The Royal Australian Navy is spying on people of interest for the American Government. You see if a foreign country is spying on American citizens it considered normal, but if the American Government is spying on their own citizens then crimes are committed. It’s a good old fashion you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours so yes the American Government is also listening in on Australia’s citizens while they surf the net using Wi-Fi.

You’ve been warned….

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