Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Truth about Bob Avakian

Supposedly Bob Avakian’s location has been unknown and held as a deep guarded secret from the U.S. Government. Due to his reported dangerous revolutionary ideals in regards to Communism and his economic support of the Black Panthers. After a vicious march in Washington D.C., he reportedly harmed several policemen, which forced him into self imposed exile to France in 1981.

This Librarian has been able to uncover the truth! Bob Avakian was truly in deep cover for the United States Government. His real name is actually Herald Varian, a well mannered and quiet Shaker from New Lebanon, N.Y with a deep abiding patriotism for his country.

While attending the University of California, Berkeley, Bob discovered an underground movement led by Mario Savio. Savio’s end goal was to spread the red flu across America. Bob offered his services to the US Government in hopes of finding a way to undermine the movement.

Actually, Bob’s supposed altercation with the Washington D.C. police in 1981 was a false report. This was made up to help put “Bob” in the position of assistant to the real ring leader, Albin O. Kuhn. Kuhn was using his power as the Executive Vice President of the University System of Maryland to sub-plant his master plan; to elect a communist president who would destroy the American Government as we know it; all to make his childhood stamp collection more valuable.

“Bob Avakian” used his newly formed position to stop Kuhn, but at great risk to himself and his family. Albin O. Kuhn was never brought to justice due to “Bob’s” unorthodox methods and is still at large to this day plotting his next move. Bob was put into the witness relocation program shortly after the court case was dropped.

You have been warned…


Jeffrey said...

That is totally rediculous. Do you have any "evidence" or are you just totally out of your mind?

D.Y.D. said...

Of course I have evidence. I am a librarian after all, but like any good journalist I can not and will not give out my sources. They are the only link I have to information that the mainstream American population does not have access to, and by selling them out I loose valuable contacts that can help me free information, and that is far too valuable.